What makes Blacklight posters so crazily interesting ?

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blog7 The fans of Coldplay may remember the above wall from the famous song “Every Teardrop is a waterfall”. The wall creates an amazing effect and you may be wondering how it’s done. The concept behind this wall is same as the concept behind the blacklight posters. bl1 This is how a room with blacklight poster looks. Blacklight posters are printed with inks that glow under blacklight. The inks used contain phosphorus which causes them to glow when exposed to the ultraviolet light emitted from the blacklights. blog9 Blacklights may look like normal fluorescent lights or light bulbs but they do something completely different. When you switch it on, various things that contain phosphorus like teeth and various other things glow in the dark. The posters that look like normal posters but whose certain parts glow under blacklight are called blacklight posters. So how does black light make certain things glow and other things not? Black light bulb glows with a purplish glow but it also produces ultraviolet light which is invisible to us and all kind of phosphors glow under it by converting the energy in UV radiation from a black light into visible light. You may sometimes even observe your white T-shirts glowing under this light as some detergents contain phosphors. The concept of blacklight posters originated in the 70s and at that time the wall posters were meant to be funny, psychedelic , sexual or a depiction of a popular piece of culture of that time. The most famous ones were about Marijuana, Peace, The clenched fist, The middle finger and Flaming love. The psychedelic pattern posters when viewed under black light conditions (especially when stoned, or so I was told) created all manner of groovy, spinning, and morphing patterns, swirls, and other hypnotic hallucinatory effects. All bedrooms containing black light posters were always dark with shades and blinds drawn and all other lights turned off or severely dimmed. Entering such a realm, from the outside, was always an interesting experience until your eyes adjusted to the darkness and the ultraviolet light. Then the full glory of the black light poster would slowly come into view. That was of course, assuming you could see it through the haze of smoke. Downloads22 In recent days, blacklight posters have regained popularity and modern versions of the blacklight posters have been made by artists all over the world. Downloads19 Blacklight posters are an exclusive category of posters which are a good option for posterizing your room walls, bars, cafes or to create any cool area in your house where you would want to play your instrument or get high with your friends. Stay tuned to Speaking Walls as we will be introducing blacklight posters and black lights for your room very soon. Don’t forget to hit share so that your friends get to know about it too.


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