Interview with Graphic Artist - Mallika Malks

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Mallika Malks, a very talented illustrator & Graphic designer is our chosen artist for this week.
Currently working as a Creative Lead with Myntra, Bangalore, this young upcoming artist is immensely passionate about her work and is extremely talented. She is a doodle lover and her skill and attention to detail is reflected in her work.
Let us hear from this very talented and enterprising designer discuss her work, inspirations and what makes her love her work so much!
1) At what age did you start designing/creating artworks and what was your first inspiration?
I caught the doodle bug quite early on in my life starting when I was about 15 with either defacing my history books with women in victorian gowns or being the 'pen-tattoo' artist in my school. Ironically enough, I was never good in art classes. I didn't give much thought to it until working in my first job as a handicraft designer almost 4 years back. I was working with a 'pattachitra' (art of leaf-painting) artist from Orissa, trying to fuse contemporary art and the intricate style of leaf etching, when I decided to take a crack at doing the illustrations on my own. The first artwork is still one of my favourites. I think my father noticed how engrossed I used to be drawing and doodling for hours, and it had it not been for his suggestion to study design, I don't think I would have made it this far following my passion.
 Art by Mallika Malks
2) Did you formally learn to design/paint/doodle or you are self-learnt?
Definitely self-learnt. I have graduated in product design from NIFT, New Delhi where I learnt a lot about basics of design and it definitely helped me get my aesthetics right. But I think my doodles/illustration are more imagination than skill. I used to suck in college, at trying to reproduce still life or doing perspective sketches. Doodling is easy because there are no rules that you have to adhere to. Depending on what I see and get inspired by, my style changes accordingly. It helps if you keep drawing everyday, even if it's completely random, to keep you in the flow. Its really difficult to start again if you have stopped for a long period of time.
3) Your illustration style is unique. Is there any inspiration to your style?
I think looking at my work, I love detailing. I keep on adding more and more tiny layers to my artwork, until I can't anymore, and then I manage to add some more. Almost all my work has some small detail of my character mixed with storytelling. The more intricate the artwork gets, the more complex and interesting the story.
Art by Mallika Malks 1
4) Do you have a page or link where people can view your designs and products?
Yes, my work can be viewed on the following link:
5) Do you believe designs/artworks have the power to inspire?
What you see, can impact you a lot more compared if you read or hear about the same thing. Seeing is after all believing. And when I look at the creativity and talent out there, I believe there is so much hope for us to push ourselves and explore beyond the norm. I can remember off the top of my head, the first artworks that inspired me to start working on my own style. And i can only look for more inspiration that tomorrow might lead me to something else.
6) What would be your advice to young illustrators and design aspirants?
I think 3 things that I have  learnt through my own  personal experiences-
1.Don't try to be someone else, or copy other's style. Get inspired but be confident of developing and sharing your own style.
2. Disappointment is a luxury that you can't afford. If something doesn't work, you can treat it as a learning curve and move on.
3. Comfort zones are dangerous. The more you push yourself at accepting challenges, the better you get, and not just what you are already great at.


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