Interview with Samuel J Art artist from Australlia

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Samuel J

Zentangle Inspired Art is a unique form of art and Jesse Samuel Wood is definitely one of the masters of this form of art. In this brief interview with him, we discover what art means to him and how he has grown himself professionally.  

1) At what age did you start designing/creating artworks and what was your first inspiration? I have always enjoyed drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I have quite a lot of family members who are also artists, including my Grandmother, Uncle & Cousins! I guess practice has lead to me becoming better at what I do, and that in turn has made me enjoy it even more, and encourage me to continue with creating art!  

2) Did you formally learn to design/paint/doodle or you are self-learnt? I did art at High School, but apart from that, I haven't had any formal training. I have had friends and family show me a thing or two, which has helped me progress.  

3) Your illustration style is unique. Is there any inspiration to your style? My artworks are mostly made up of different patterns, this is commonly known as Zentangle Inspired Art. I like to depict animals in my drawing, as they can make the patterns come alive, especially when the eyes are more realistic. Sam14) How has your practice changed over time? I have definitely improved I feel, and that I guess has made my work stand out more.  

5) Do you have a page or link where people can view your designs and products? I have a website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: sam2

6) Do you believe designs/artworks have the power to inspire? I think the answer is a definite yes. I find looking at other people's work inspires me, and in turn my work has inspired others to create work of their own.   7) What would be your advice to young illustrators and designers? My biggest piece of advice is to keep practicing, find a style you are good at, and perfect it. Then you can branch out and experiment with different styles. Cheers - Samuel J Art


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