"I don’t consider myself a graphic designer. Instead I prefer artist." - Abhishek Faujdar

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Abhishek Faujdar

"I don’t consider myself a graphic designer. Instead I prefer artist." Abhishek Faujdar is not just a person who was born with the artistic talent but also who worked a lot over the time to develop his skills. For him, inspiration is everything. We fell in love with his works and decided to interview him for this week's feature.  

1) At what age did you start designing/creating artworks and what was your first inspiration?
Well, my father says that I once drew a hut, sitting in front of TV at the age of three or four. So, I guess that was my first artwork. I never won prizes in debate or any such competitions in school. But yes, I was winning those certificates of drawing competitions and I was happy with that. I Still  remember how amazed I was when I discovered Photoshop at the age of 14. I was feeling great to find such a medium other than paper or canvas to apply my artistic skills.  For years, I used Photoshop for fun and just editing pictures of family and friends. It was only during my graduation days when I realized that designing is not limited to editing pictures. I started creating designs with the help of online tutorials and imagination. I came in touch with many more mediums. They all inspired me to create more and more designs every day.
2) Did you formally learn to design or you are self learnt?
I Am an Engineer plus MBA. I didn’t learn to design from any school, but I try to learn something every day. I use my hand on different tools for the same result and modify single tools for different results.  Random drawings on last pages of my notebooks gave me  enough strength in the field of sketching. Later I gained knowledge about illustration, editing, typography and other graphic designing fields. Slowly, designing became my world.
3) Your illustration style is unique. Is there any inspiration to your style?
Yes, every artist carries a style of his own and so do I. For me everything is an inspiration. I don’t consider myself a graphic designer. Instead, I prefer artist. It’s not about the appearance of your creation, it’s about significance. It’s about connection it’s making with the viewer. Pablo Picasso had said “Art is just another way of keeping a diary.” For me, it is a diary for the world to see the inner sounds of the heart and soul of not only the artist but the society as well.
4) Do you have a page or link where people can view your designs and products?
I Am glad that people are loving my designs. I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart. Here are links to my designs:
5) Do you believe designs have the power to inspire? 
Yes, designs have the power to inspire. From the first ever random strokes on cave walls by ‘great masters’ to today’s modern designing industry, designs and artworks are a true replica of our society. Art forces people to think deep for others and their emotions. To think deep for their lives and environment surrounding them. It develops an ability in them to feel what others feel and to see what cannot be seen through the naked eye. It’s true that art is a form of self-expression because artist creates something which he strongly feels about.But art is also a statement because an artist puts his art in forms where others can relate to it. In a way, an artist expresses something which others always want but fail to express. That is why people connect with art as it brings purpose and excitement in them.
6) What would be your advice to young design aspirants?
Everybody is an artist in his own way.  Everybody has an understanding of art in his own way. My advice would be to be fearless. Never be afraid to create something. Listen to your heart. Start creating the moment idea strikes in your mind. Never delay your projects. Because if you will delay them, maybe that idea will lose its integrity. A creation is never bad. Even if you are not satisfied with your design, never throw them. It will inspire somebody someday.


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    Proud of u fauji sir… ??
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