Interview with Artbeat artist Nishka Mehta

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In an interview with very talented Nishka Mehta, the artist behind Artbeat. 

Nishka Mehta

1) At what age did you start creating artworks and what was your first inspiration? I started Art Beat when I was 21 and got inspired by anything I could relate to. I mostly did paintings which were bright & colorful and had done a series of paintings for Kitsch Mandi, where the theme was music. After that, there was no looking back!   

2) Did you formally learn to design or you are self-learned?  I had gone for painting classes earlier, but otherwise self - learned. Over the years, I learnt more methods and techniques. As and when I got different custom orders - I learnt more things. It's a constant learning process, and I'm still learning.   

3) Your illustration style is unique. Is there any inspiration to your style? I usually do Artwork that I would like as a customer. I get inspired by Music, Sitcoms, etc. and the rest is what the customer is looking for. My fridge magnets, key holders and other products are made to make people laugh and smile every time they see it! 

Art By Nishka Mehta 1

4) Do you have a page or link where people can view your designs and products? Website -  Facebook Page - Instagram - ArtBeatPaintings   5) Do you believe artworks have the power to inspire? Of course they do! Artworks can inspire anyone! Another artist can be inspired by an Artwork too. Sometimes when you look at a painting, you can simply relate to it. Only if people can relate to the work you do, will they buy it! Any form of art can inspire you to make ten other things. 

Art by Nishka Mehta 2

6) I see that most your artworks are based on a concept. Which is your favorite artwork and why? My favorite till date is the recent wall I did at the OnePlus office in Bangalore. I love how abstract and detailed it is simultaneously. I like the colours I had used, and love the way its turned out!  one plus office

Art by Nishka Mehta 3

  7) What would be your advice to young illustrators and design aspirants? Do anything you think is art to you, and do something you believe in. That makes it a lot easier for others to believe in what you do. Art cannot be defined, so don't worry about if you are going in the right direction! 

Art By nishka Mehta

8) Art to you is... Anything that can make you think, make you happy. Art to me can be used daily in your life - and that's what I aim at doing :)   Interviewed By Shradha Agarwal.


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