Interviewing Adrine D'mello : Artist behind Homerization

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1) Since when did the homers of Simpsons fascinate you? Did you ever imagine you would create such a huge  a sensation out of it?

Well, homer and the Simpsons are loved characters all over the world and one day I just randomly sketched it out on my work desk and put it up on Twitter and Facebook I realised I could actually use this and create such quirky sketches with day-to-day issues. Mitchelle Jansen and I spoke about the same and she told me I should start a page where I share these sketches. Within a matter of weeks I got a good amount of likes on the page followed by DNA newspaper covering an article on Homerization. This is the first Homerization post- 

Adrine D'mello Homerization

 2) Do you have a page or link where people can view your designs and products?  

Yes I do have a Facebook page for Homerization:  And My Speaking walls page:

3) Do you believe artworks must have an essential fun element that makes it more appealing? 

Yes, why not, the way I see it; if the artwork is clubbed with something people can relate to like Monday blues, weekend time and stuff they relate to it and makes it more appealing without trying too hard.

Adrine D'mello Homerization in dna News

4) What is the factor in the homer character that makes it so likable and popular?

Homer can make the easiest of things more complicated than they can ever be and while he's at it the events that unfold are simply epic. Only a homer could turn a pig into a spider pig.

5) What would be your advice to young illustrators and design aspirants?  

 I'm no pro at It but then if you are an artist or an illustrator you will understand that feeling you get each time you are done with your artwork. No matter how busy you are taking out some time to doodle will always keep you happy.

6) Artistic success to you is... Being appreciated for your work and right now watching people actually loving your artwork and purchasing them is a sweet success.



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