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Samrat Roy is an extremely talented photographer who strives to be better everyday. He aims to take pictures that instill a sense of peace in people who look at it. 
1) At what age did you start your photography? Did you ever imagine you would be renowned for this?
Initially I was just curious about the whole concept of photography. My dad used an Olympus polaroid, which had a 10x zoom. I always liked holding the camera in my hand.Whenever we went on family vacations, dad used to click pictures and later when the photos were washed, the thing that always struck my mind was how does this electronic device capture memories? There is one amazing moment.You Click. And it's locked. When I was in my Xth standard, dad bought me a Nikon C142 with 8.2 megapixels. I remember clicking a photograph of a dew drop, and the most amazing thing was that when I enlarged it I could see the inverted image of the other side. I fell in love with that photo. Photography started to interest me more. Made me more curious and hungry. I started experimenting and reading. It was tough because dealing with technical knowledge implies you have to have a "DSLR". My appetite for knowing about a "DSLR" started increasing. And then magic happened, NIT Silchar. This college made me what I am like today. I joined Obiettivo, Photography Club NIT Silchar. This club during that era had the best photographers this college has ever got. To name one of them, Nipan Talukdar. My true inspiration. His photographs speak. His photographs allured me to the more puzzling and enigmatic side of this art. Made me more curious; increased my appetite. I started following many other photographers, spent time on looking at thousands of photographs. since then I became more serious about it. I would acquire information from anywhere possible. Anything; even a small bit of opportunity or occasion I would never let go. I don't know about being renowned or anything, for me, photography is a way of showing the world what I see, how I see, its a way of sharing with the world if I am happy, if I am sad. I express emotions this way. This makes me happy.
Samrat Roy Photography
2) Do you have a page or link where people can view your products?
Yeah. I have a page on facebook as "Lust for photos" and 500px :    Buy my collection @  
3) Do you believe photography must have an essential tragic element that makes it more appealing?
I always say, it is all about the PoV. If you ask me about photography, for me it is a sort of high. You look forward to it, always. At the end of the day its all about your perspective. The photographer after seeing a composition has a story in his mind , which connects to him, which he wants to show to the world.That one photograph of his has thousands of emotions running in the backstage. When he shares it, he wants his picture to shout out to the whole world. I haven't been familiar with this notion that a tragic element makes it more appealing. obviously, when you are sharing your art you want it to be appealing to the viewers, but intentionally adding a tragic element to make it more beguile, for me is a bit artificial. This way, the true emotions are overpowered by the desire for notability.
  4) Is there any particular theme on which your photography is based mostly?
My genre mostly lies in Landscape photography, and abstract. I also have great interests in astro, wildlife and photojournalism.  There is so much to learn.
5) The one capture in the lot closer to your heart than the rest? and why?
My most personal favorite is a landscape photo of the hills surrounding aizawl city. The had beginning to set. I still remember each and every moment spent at that place. It was starting to get dark. The sun was radiating out its last rays. There was so much color in the sky, as if it were shouting and telling everyone , tomorrow is going to be another day. It won't be like today. I have never ever felt so many emotions running through my body. I was with my friend there, none of us spoke much. The hills were covered in an orange hue and the stars were about to come out. I could hear my breathing. It was this quite. We were at quite some height, at a place called chaltlang; inside the town. Above us we witnessed an amazing sunset and below us the town looked so lively with little lights burning everywhere. I could connect to so many things. That one photograph is very close to my heart. It inspires me every time.
Samrat Roy Photography
 6) What would be your advice to young photographers and design aspirants?
I do not think I have reached a stage in this art where I will able to provide correct advice other people. I have so much more to learn. I will share what I have learnt is to always keep your hand and mind calm. Click everything which intrigues you, makes you curious. Use your camera to the fullest. Before just clicking , read and keep following photographers whose work inspire you. Try looking at the frame from a different path, not the one generally taken. Your emotions lie there; this will be your art. Always follow your heart and never lose faith from all the things that is good in this world.
 Shilong, Photography by Samrat Roy
7) Artistic success to you is...
If my photographs have the ability to give even a small amount of peace to the people who look at it;  help them to get rid of all of their worldly tensions and just let their emotions flow in and out; even if it's for one second, doesn't matter. If I can do that, I am successful.

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