Interview Diaries : Vandeep Kalra

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In an interview with Vandeep Kalra, she talks about her love for mosaic art, how she started and what her type of art is all about.

Vandeep Kalra

  1. What is your art all about?

I am a Mosaic Artist and I handcraft one of a kind mosaic art pieces. Mosaic is the art of meticulously putting together hand-cut tesserae(glass mosaic tiles) to form various shapes and patterns and is therefore extraordinarily labor-intensive.   2. From the name and the concept behind your page (if you have website of FB page). Who is playing a huge motivational role in your life. Please elaborate about the same? My husband has played a pivotal role in shaping my artistic career. His undying belief and support towards my creative aspirations has been my biggest strength. 3. At what age did you start creating artworks and what was your first inspiration? I have painted and experimented with different art mediums for more than a decade. However, I discovered mosaic art as my preferred medium after perusing books on art & craft & learning its various techniques & applications. 4.  Your illustration style is unique. Is there any inspiration to your style? Each piece of work expresses my love for subtle vibrancy and contrasts. I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. I can be inspired by a spontaneous thought or idea, and at times it’s a deep and prolonged process of self-discovery that takes shapes to form a piece of art.    6) Do you have a page or link where people can view your designs and products?  

Art by Vandeep Kalra

7) Do you believe artworks have the power to inspire? Art in whatever medium has the power to elevate us, make us think and enhance our perspective towards life. 8) is your artwork based on a concept. Which is your favorite artwork and why? Ballerina is my favourite artwork because it brings out the transparency, weightlessness and movement of the twirl which is a challenge to achieve considering the static nature of the glass. After several grueling days in the making, this piece was created with over fifty shades of mosaic; precisely hand cut and randomly yet intentionally placed, in order to capture the beauty of the spin. 9) What would be your advice to young illustrators and design aspirants? It’s very important for any artist or designer to follow their instincts and create with substance. Creativity stems from one’s own life experiences and surroundings, and when one follows their heart and creates what they truly believe in. 10) Art to you is... Like life, mosaic art is a journey of infinite possibilities. No matter how you plan or conceive the end piece to be, it will always have its own identity and character, full of surprises. And it's this journey I find most gratifying.  

Art by Vandeep Kalra


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