What makes a top-rated CEO?

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Recently, Glassdoor has revealed its list of America’s 50 most loved CEOs, with approval ratings from the respective employees. This list includes CEOs from both tech and non-tech firm with 8% occupied by women CEOs. The list is topped by Bob Bechek, worldwide managing director of the management consultancy firm Bain & Company, a company significantly smaller that the giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple. So, now the question arises, how substantial is it for the company’s head to be loved by his employees?

According to Glassdoor, one of the major reason for Bechek to top the list is the focus of his and his management team to invest considerable time in supporting employees, emphasizing on their professional development.

"What we learn (from these reviews) is quite simple. A good CEO leads from the front, is dedicated to delivering the company mission, believes in transparency and invests in their people," as said by a Glassdoor spokesperson Di-Toro to CNBC.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is 4th in the list is backed by 97% employees’ approval. So, what makes such huge percentage of the company put confidence in him? With inputs from some of his employees from Quora the following reasons are drawn – He personally interacts with his employees and there’s no exception for the newly joined employees. Rather than going by the conventional way of categorizing employees on the basis of age and experience, he values ideas in perspicuous manner which probably explains why he bothers to interact with every employee personally. He preaches equality among his office workers, thus, breaking the conventional norm of a CEO being seated in a private room being guard by a secretary. He makes sure that his vision about his company and its products reaches his employees far and wide. He gives his employees the advantages of a relaxed atmosphere.

The concerned ranking reflects employees’ confidence in leadership and this parameter is not directly as par the current financial result. This ranking is more about the employees’ belief that the company is proceeding in the right direction with the CEO’s clear vision of the future perspectives being distinctly conveyed down to the employees. It also suggests a general persona of the CEO as a good motivator, being approachable and accessible.

A quote from Zuckerberg went viral during the year end of 2015 "Treat your employees right so they won't use your internet to search for a new job." This quote perfectly explains his attitude towards his employees.

With 96% employees approval, Google’s Indian-born Sundar Pichai stands at 7, followed by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen, is at 20 with 95% employee approval.

Comparing the leadership of Tim Cook to Steve Job’s some insight can be drawn on how an employee friendly CEO impacts an organization.  

Jobs, during his tenure was linked with the infamous instances of ‘elevator rides’. By some stroke of misfortune if one employee got on the elevator with Jobs and couldn’t satisfy him with his/her explanation of his/her work then the person could face the most likely chance of getting fired from the company by the time the elevator stopped. Even though Tim Cook was handpicked by Jobs as his successor, his management style is way different from his predecessor. He faced criticism from several fronts for his differed way of running Apple. But, it is reportedly said that Jobs told Cook on his death bed to "never ask himself, 'What would Steve Jobs do?'". This report sheds light on Jobs’ conviction on his successor’s work style which would eventually speak in figures. Apple’s phenomenal success since the time Cook took over is undeniably significant. Cook’s distinct style of management stresses on teamwork and transparency within the organization. Cook’s calm demeanor has made him much approachable towards his employees. And the final verdict is that, since 2011 Apple has been nothing but a smashing success.

Similarly, the list suggests that an employee friendly CEO’s management style indeed works for a greater good.


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